Marconi, Nizza, Dante, Carducci-Molinette, Spezia and Lingotto are the names of the six new stations which from March 2011 will connect the city centre with the large Lingotto trade fair, university and shopping centre. The construction works of the new segment’s six stations are completed and currently the pre-operations tests simulating the future operations in all its functions but without passengers are underway.
Above ground the works to reinstate transport circulation and urban context will shortly give back to the city a completely requalified via Nizza with public transport enhancement, green areas and parking areas.

Website closing

From 15th January with the completion of the construction works on the stations of the new Porta Nuova – Lingotto underground segment the lights go down on the Metro website and shine on two new websites: for information on the train servicei: and for information on transport infrastructure works in the pipeline.

The website has been online since February 2006 in these years has given a step by step account of the start up of Torino’s first underground line and the building sites along its extension segment to the Lingotto, providing passengers with service announcements, figures, pics and thorough information on the construction techniques.

During the years over 1,800,000 users have visited the website. This success can be added to the Premio Web Italia 2006 award granted by journalists, web designers, directors and art directors who chose it amid a selection of 4,000 nominees.



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